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Thyssenkrupp Unveils Net-zero Energy Solution

Thyssenkrupp unveiled its net-zero energy elevator solution for modernization, which generates more energy than it consumes, at the annual Energy Efficiency Global Forum in Washington, D.C., on May 9. Describing it as the first solution to enable conversion of existing elevators to net-zero energy units, thyssenkrupp said it was motivated by the lifecycle of typical elevators, which remain in operation for approximately 15 years. The company described how the solution goes a step further than the energy-generating elevators it installed at One World Trade Center in New York City by using controllers that trigger hibernation mode when an elevator is idle, which can be up to 70% of its working life. Required energy can be generated using solar panels “no larger than the footprint of an elevator shaft.”

(above article is reprinted from www.elevatorworld.com)


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