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How To Choose A Home Elevator?

Humanization: home elevator is mainly used for the elderly and other passengers, so it must be featured with humanization. For example, the elderly need a wheelchair and wheelchair size is 1700px (width)*2450px (length), so the elevator cabin must be larger than such size, otherwise the wheelchair can not be enter into the elevator cabin. To embody home elevator practicability at utmost, these should be taken into consideration when design.

Personalization: Many homes have their own unique features, as the builder and the owner adopt different architectural structures and styles to reflect the individuality. Therefore, home elevator should be matching with architectural characteristics, owner’s identity, temperament and hobbies etc. An appropriate home elevator can improve the value of home to a certain extent.

Safe and reliable: OSTAR home elevator or villa elevator is manufactured according with GB7588 (equivalent to EN81 standard), which is of high quality.


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