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Hitachi Sets High Goals in Thailand

Hitachi’s elevator and escalator distributor in Thailand is projecting aggressive sales growth, The Japan Times reported. Michael Tang, vice president of Hitachi Elevator (Thailand) Co., has taken on a new role as head of its sales and marketing unit. He said the company aims to increase its market share to 25% in 2020. To attain its goal, the company intends annual sales growth of 20% on average and is seeking to sell 1,000 units this year, up 18% from 850 units in 2016. Elevators are expected to account for 70% and escalators for 30% of the 2017 total. Thailand’s elevator and escalator market totaled approximately 5,500 units last year and is expected to grow 3-5% this year, the source stated.

(above article is reprinted from www.elevatorworld.com)


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