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Elevator Maintenance Checklist

Inside the Car:
1- Examine the interior of the elevator car for damage to the walls, ceiling, and handrails.
2- Examine the position indicator lights and replace any burned out lights.
3- Operate the elevator going up and down and check the leveling accuracy, acceleration, and deceleration. Make any adjustments deemed necessary.
4- Check to make sure that the door moves smoothly and does not slam or bounce.
5- Make sure the door restrictor operates properly and make any necessary repairs.

Outside the Car:
1- Check the hall stations and lights and replace any burned out lights.
2- Inspect the door panel and clearances.
3- Test the Phase 1 firefighters’ service.

Machine Room:
1- Make sure the machine room does not contain any material unrelated to the elevator.
2- Check components for leaks, unusual vibration, or wear.
3- Inspect electrical components for evidence of overheating or failure.
4- Lubricate components, if necessary.
5- Check the oil level.
6- Make any necessary adjustments or schedule follow-up service.

Top of Car:
1- Check that the stop switch and inspection station function properly.
2- Remove any debris from the top of the car.
3- Inspect any visible components, including rollers, guide rails, and leveling devices.
4- Check the traveling cables for wear and inspect connections.
5- Inspect the door operator and its components.
6- Check the hoistway for evidence of rodents, fire safety, and vandalism.

1- Make sure that the stop switch, lights, and GFI outlet function properly.
2- Clean the pit and check for signs of leaks.
3- Inspect the spring buffers for signs of corrosion, alignment, and secure attachment.
4- Inspect all visible components, including rollers, guide rails, safeties, and switches.
5- Check the travel cable for wear, pinches, and snags.
6- Make sure the sump pump is clean and operating correctly.

The elevator mechanic must fill out a log and note any observations, problems, and recommendations.

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