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It has the features such as smooth running, low noise, fine durability, convenient repair, fine and exquisite structure, consummate lift-way, remarkable belt-way, attractive outline model, nagnificent design sytle with gentle modern flavor. 

A safe, cozy and beautiful escalator can let you enjoy the pleasnt and comfortable moment every day.

Ostar serial escalator is exceeding your expectations! It is widely applicable for the shopping center, supermarket, subway, airport etc. It adds one flow and bright scene to your constructions.  


1. Accurate open & shut control

It adopts the high intensity metal structure which makes it appears more compact for the product outline dimension.

2. Beautiful appearance

The super-consciousness aesthetical design, technological design which conform with the ergonomics principle. It keeps close to the latest global tide and forms a perfect harmony with the buildings and the surrounding environments.

3. Fine coziness

It adopts the advanced control system and decelerator. The superior drive chain and precise installation technology ensure the product running cozily.

4. Long use life

It adopts the metal beam with light weight and high intensity. In this way, it ensures the integral rigidity of the products. The automatic lubricating system can guarantee the prompt and automatic parts fueling which enhances the use life of escalators.








Package & Shippment:

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Ostar Escalator